12 Basic Success Steps to take care while Novel writing

This aritcle, the 12 Basic Success Steps to take care while Novel writing, was written in order to give the inexperienced novel writers a gist of steps that would take them to write their dream novel into reality best-sellers. Of course- this is not a 'total reference' article. Not only this article represents a synopsis of what novel writing is all about, but also this serves as a tool to make correct decisions during the process of writing.

I hope this article turns out to be a useful resource for everyone reading, especially the newbies. So let's start off with what we need to read about:
1. The Very First Impression.
2. The Point of View.
3. Who is Who?
4. Keep their Eyes Glued to it!
5. Trust is What Really Matters- Isn't it?
6. Rise of the Hero
7. What's going on?
8. Where is it going on?
9. How Would it End?
10. The Tempo of your Novel.
11. The Straight Route.
12. Nothing is Junk.

1. The Very First Impression

When you are an unpublished author or a not-very-experienced sort of an author, the first thing that you might need to get is the attention. If a reader sees the new author in the shelf, he/ she takes the book, flips through the first two or three pages to know whether you have what they need.

Basically a reader needs something to hang on- something good that really makes his/her hands forget the idea of leaving the book back at the shelf and go searching for a better book. So one must take ample care in writing the first 3 or 4 pages of the book. Its the first impression that really does the trick!

2. The Point of View

Even before writing, think about and confirm a point of view. There are many points of view like first person, limited third person, multi-viewpoint, omniscient. Try any- but make sure you maintain the same till the last!
To know more about point of views refer:

3. Who is Who?

First things first. Who is the main character, who is the sub-character and who the hell is the villian? These are some of the questions that arise in the mind of a reader when he starts to read something out of your book. So don't forget to introduce the main characters.
There is no rule that you should introduce the main character first (even though that would be a better idea). If at all your plot makes you to introduce that sub-character, it's ok. Do it. But on one condition that you must not write anything in a way that an invisble feeling in the mind of the reader projects that sub-character as the main character. That's not a good idea- at least for newbies.

4. Keep their Eyes Glued to it!

Let's keep their eyes glued to our novel- that's what we novelist want after all. To keep their eyes glued to our work without letting them wander into distractions- make sure your novel doesn't have boring stuff! Always develop conflicts. There should be tension, stress and heat. Make your character suffer something, let something destroy the ordinary life of your character- make someone do something all the time that's out of normal!

If the character or his life has nothing to go out of normal, then you have already lost your reader's interest: take my word for it!

5. Trust is What Really Matters- Isn't it?

Don't forget that your readers are human beings like you- every human has some basic insticts. One such intinct is to trust another human being- and once trust is established between two, then there is an intimacy and interest.

What has trust to do with novel writing? It's simple. If your novel is about fantasy, then the reader hopes to get a thrilling adventure in a totally different world. You promise him that he would get it- and don't forget; Always keep your promises. Similarly romance readers want some chemistry and boiling romance, adventurists always expect fast-paced action. To create a deep trust, give hints about the future- as for what might happen to your character, or what is going to take place; then stick to your writing and make sure that at some point, all these hints gets cleared off.

6. Rise of the Hero

In standard novels, there is a hero-villian interaction along the plot of the story. While cooking up your novel, make sure that the reader can taste the hero and villian crisply- and soon. Don't carry on scribbling a heroless novel for a long time. A hero has to emerge- and that too it must be from one of those list of main characters.
Any mistake in this crucial part- your reader might be planning to sell it off at ebay at whatever price he gets! I don't want to see your novel in that pathetic condition- and I'm sure even you wouldn't that to happen either. Trust me- rise of the hero is that crucial!

7. What's going on?

One thing the reader shouldn't ask himself while reading is:'What's going on here?!' The reader should know up front what is at stake. The words of your work should automatically sketch a picture of what is happening in the novel. Clearer the picture, better will be the reader's interest and motivation to complete reading your novel.

The reader must know about the conflict of your characters- don't just imagine stuff and write in a pretext that your reader would guess it. Just because an idea happened to pass by your mind doesn't mean it will pass though the reader's mind, I hope you understand what I meant. Give the reader the statistics- what's going on, what could be gained and by whom, what stands to be lost and by whom.

8. Where is it going on?

We need to set the locations where the various scenes are going on. There should be a scenario around the character- this helps in drawing a clearer image in the reader's mind. There should be some description of the landscape around.
Never list out the details of the location- I know, it is more boring than it sounds use the Location Blending Technique(I'll explain that later).

9. How Would it End?

The commencing must portend the conclusion. Simply this means that the way you begin a novel, the reader should be able to get some idea on hoow this stuff would end. This is done by setting certain aims for your Hero. The reader presumes that the hero might accomplish some of those aims. And make sure it happens like that (#5: Trust is What Really Matters- Isn't it?) Don't make a fool out of your reader. Even while dealing with Suspense there are certain Guidelines you must follow.
Don't let your novel be a haphazard serial of non-parellel events. Make sure that every situation gets linked up together and reach a common end.
And one thing thing to keep in mind: you must have a thorough idea how your novel is going to end. Know the end of the tale before you start telling it- or else you would waste a lot of time and energy. You may decide and change the climax on the course, but the end should be decided at the start.

10. The Tempo of your Novel

Never forget to set a pace for your novel. Usually the pace of the story may vary with situations and the genre. It's almost not possible to maintain the same pace throughout- but make sure you strive hard to set a perfect pace. Pace is one of the most crucial factor determining the quality of the novel when it comes to Action, Thriller and Mystery genres.

11. The Straight Route

Don't stray off. There should be a clear cut way towards end your novel. And situations happening in your novel should be either on track or on a parellel side-course. But NEVER ever deviate from it! While straying away, the clarity of the novel course is lost. This defenitely creates irritation in the mind of the reader.

12. Nothing is Junk

Yes, you heard it right- nothing must be a waste. Don't just add something into your novel for the sake of adding and fattening the book. Every single thing mentioned in your novel- be it a scene, a dialog, a description, a suspense, a twist in the plot- anything mentioned should have a meaning and must contribute to the main storyline. If it has nothing to do with the story line, strike it off.

Civilized Animal- Lyrics...

Oh.. Ok.. emails again. Due to the poor sound quality the lyrics of Civilized Animal couldn't be made out. The lyrics was actually given below the video in youtube, but few of my subscribers like Randyx couldn't find them there I suppose. So I'm posting the same below. Randyx, this post is for you. Lyrics was written by Abishek Agrawal and Himanshu Mathur. I didn't contribute a word (as I joined in the last phase of the project). Everything is so frustrating Why on earth are we swaying Burning thunder in place of feelings Raging hatred dodges killings Don't you remember We were animals Don't you know We are cannibals Civilized animal... Modern cannibal... What's the problem in facing Dirty truths agony chasing Chilling claws find your back As the piper strikes us back Don't you think of this As a dirty tragedy Feeling dead inside That's our strategy Civilized animal... Modern cannibal... By this way u win the war But we say u lost it all You win the war! You lost it all! Don't you remember We were animals Don't you know We are cannibals Civilized animal... Modern cannibal...

Cataleptic Insanity: Civilized Animal...

Here's the gig I performed in. Let not the ESP six-string floyd rose confuse you, I was actually a Bassist in the gig. There was no proper bassist, so I went in for the position with a bass effect in my six-string.

Civilized Animal

by Cataleptic Insanity

Dr.Himanshu Mathur- Guitar & Vocals
Abhishek Agrawal- Guitar
Ajaxtorm- Bass
Satish- Drums Sorry for the poor audio quality- Recording team was horrible.

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Chapter 10 | The Genadron

The Chained Dragon

Richard's eyes took time to adjust to the dim light. He felt pain shoot up his neck as he tried to move his head. His eyebrows frowned and his face broke into a sweat. He could hear his breath distinctively. A chill ran down his spines as he realised that he was abducted.
"Awake, Ricky?", a feminine voice greeted him.
"Where am I? Who are you?", Inspector Ricard Denver barked back reflexively. In his career of being a successful tec, he had never faced such an abomination.
"I would be pleased to answer all your questions if you would kindly cooperate with me and give me some answers.", came the female voice again.
Richard realised the owner of the voice as much as he would realise what pain felt lke if someone whacked him with a club behind his head. "Julia Odins.", he muttered,"It's you, right?"

An elegnatly dressed yet corporate looking feminine figure paced slowly and stood in front of the police officer, who was bound to a chair with chains. Her blond hair fell in curls and she wore a thick framed glass. She held a clipboard with some papers and looked directly at his eyes, determined and strong. "Julia Odins, it is." she chirped happily.

"WHY am I here? I am a police officer. Don't forget that I can arrest you."
"Not while you are in my prison.", she winked and kept the clipboard on the table opposite to the captive. "And officer, I'm sure you'll be glad that you are actually here."
"Why? Am I getting some cuddling from you?"
"Maybe, but that's not the issue, officer.", Julia said with a rueful smile. "I want you to do me a minor help."
"Julia, you have asked me help before. But I believe that you came to my office and asked politely- not abducting me and keeping me locked in a... what is this- a cellar?"
"For the record- I didn't abduct you. It was the idea of the Underworld King.", she acknowledged him, keeping a paperwight over the clipboard.
"I thought the guy was dead.", Richard muttered, his fingers testing the chains.
"That's the power of inheritance, Ricky. The King dies, the throne is claimed by the next successor."
"His son?! He is not even at high school!"
"No, actually the throne has been passed to Bob Jackson till... how do you put it, the son comes of age.", Julia stated. "But that's not the point."
"What's the point?", Richard shot back.
"You answer my questions- and you are free to go."
"Free to arrest you lot after i get out of here alive?"
"Of course, by charging me for kidnapping a police officer and sharing some top secrets.", Julia said in a sing-song manner, her long fingers spun the paperweight.
"Uh? Top secrets?", Richard echoed. "Is this some sort of a cheap trick?"
"No, Ricky, please try to understand. I know I don't have your trust. In fact, I might seem to be a spiteful harpy tenatious bitch-"
"-which you actually are-"
"Ricky! Please!", Julia breathed. "See, Let me get this straight! I know you had a meeting with Mark Donoldov down the alley. I saw it, photographed it. I knew you would be dead in a few moments, but it didn't happen. I just wanted to know what happened between you both."
"I talked out of it."
"Really? Just talked out it?"
"Yeah. I said a sorry and he let me go."
There was an awkward silence.
"And after you got shot by that doofus Matt?"
"Well, I can't really tell. He did something to me.", Richards's eyes searched his hand to find the bullet scar. He couldn't find it. "Well, he healed me."
"Yes, he did the same thing to Bob Jackson.", Julia stressed,"But both were not the same. I noticed a green froth oozing out of your wound as it healed."
"So? You are saying that's weird?", Richard chuckled,"After all that's happened to me lately, you think a frothy green thing from my bullet wound is weird?"
"No...", Julia muttered weilding a gun from the table. She aimed at the officer's hand and pulled the trigger."You're going to see what's weird."

There was a deafening explosive sound as the gunshot echoed through the cellar. The bullet grazed through Richard's arm and ricocheted off the floor. Blood spilled from the officers hand, oozing out steadily for a few seconds. A sharp sound escaped the officers mouth.

Richard felt intense pain as the bullet grazed by. But within a few moments, the pain lessened. His eyes went wide as he saw the blood getting clotted and a green fluid covering the wound. A few uneventful seconds ticked by as he stared at his hand, which had started to heal by itself. He felt his heart thudding fast and a tight knot formed in his throat. This was simply impossible!
"This is weird...", Richard muttered."Is this permanent? The healing power?"
"The Royal blood of the King heals his subjects, empowers the bull and immortalizes the dragons."
"Yeah.", Richard chimed in, "As if I understood everything. Speak english, lady."
"First of all, Dragons are the only creatures which are more powerful than the Lion but bows before him."
"Oh, that's bad. They don't have a union? Or brain?"
"They have smaller brains, but they worship the lion because they owe their immortality to the lion. It's the king's blood that gives them the power."
"So what are you trying to imply? That I'm a dragon?"
"No. You are a Draconian. A race that has dragon blood in them. They serve the King in the highest ranks of the army and are gifted with self-healing powers. We know that Donoldov is a royal blood. Now that we saw the effect it has on your body, we know that you are the dragon blood."
"Is that all?", Richard asked. "I know that you wouldn't just chain me to a chair just to educate me about fairy tales and reality. Odins, where's the catch? Throw it."
"Ricky, I was an honest journalist at the beginning. Just a normal one, trying to get the carrer on track. Until the day I met Dr.Daniel Donoldov. I was dating him and then I stumbled over his personal diary. I came across Genadron, not a fairy tale land, a parellel universe- like another universe superimposed on ours. Later I used to sneak around and started to learn more. The creatures, kingdoms, cultures- everything was well written in the book. From that day, I have sacrificed everything including the prestige of my career just to step into that world. To see it for real."
"I'm taking a wild guess here- you need me to accompany you to the parellel universe."
"The Genadron, yes. Actually one of the top secret I was about to share with you today was that there is a real Dragon in the Himalyan Ranges, protecting the portal to the Genadron. It's almost impossible to get to the Genadron without your help.", Julia paused,"The meeting between you and Mark was destiny. You didn't have to get demoted in your perfect career for no apparent reason. You didn't have to get shot by your own partner. You didn't have to find the Lionboy even though a hundred cops were chasing him. It's destiny."
"Sorry...", Richard muttered "Wrong time for the destiny stuff. My life's perfect here. Im going to get married and I'm going to settle down. I have supernatural healing powers and so I can get back to my career fast enough. And maybe become a vigilante superhero. Either way, happy ending."
"What if you just change your decision?"
"Really? What makes you think I'll leave my perfect life, fiancee and everything to come with you to a hypothetical disneyland?"

Julia took a cellphone out of her packet and kept it on the desk.
"That's my cellphone! What did you do?!"
"Just transferred some files."
"Files? What files?", Richard barked back struggling to break free from the chair.
"Video files", Julia articulated into the desperation. "You see, we have been bugging your fiancee's bedroom and it looks like you are getting cheated. These are tapes that reveal a very well kept series of secrets your so called fiancee is hiding from you."
Julia took a key from her suit and unlocked the chains holding Richard's hands. "You watch them and tell me your decision."

[Chapter 9]||[Table of Contents]

The Genadron: A Prelude

This blog novel(or blovel) is ©Ajaxtorm (Ajith Antony)
All rights reserved.

Chapter 9 | The Genadron

The Disappearance

After Inspector Matthew had freaked out and ran away by foot, Mark Donoldov observed that the cruisier was still parked next to the building. He scanned once again to make sure he was not being watched and then swiftly marched upto the car, ripped off the driver door, hopped in and started the engine. He wanted to go to a place where he wouldn't be noticed.
Was there a place like that? He had no idea.

Mark tried brainstorming places he knew, but he couldn't come up with any place other than the Junkyard, so he decided he would go there.


"Surrender!", rose the commander's voice above the litter that was heaped in the junkyard.

"Sure young men.", Mark muttered and placed his hand on the tattoo. Last time it didn't work, but that was no excuse to prevent him from trying again. Maybe this time it would work, afterall his father had promised him. He concentrated hard on the word 'help' cried out for help.

Nothing happened.

A bleak suspicion rose in his mind. He shook his head and tried to subdue it. Maybe what his father told him was a lie. Maybe he wanted to say something before he died, and decided that a false reassurance should do the job. But this was very unlikely for a man like his father....

The military policeforce readied their weapons. There was a sudden strategic planning and they changed positions, slowly covering the entire area. They aimed at Mark, ready to blow the car into a heap of useless metal and burnt plastic. Mark prayed like how the majority of people do when the Death reaper get a chance to say,"Hi there, ready for a long journey?"

The commander-in-charge was shouting out commands and Mark thought why they were overdoing things. They could just fire a few of their rocket launchers and Mark would be just a whiff of organic and inorganic gases. But they didn't, instead he was being treated like a hydrogen bomb ready to be fused. Maybe they wanted to have some fun poking him before he was dead. Afterall, they had nothing else to do right?

All of a sudden, a strange feeling took birth in Mark's heart and propagated to all parts of his body. He felt like he was about to eviscerate out everything inside his body. Without his consent, his entire body vibrated in a very high frequency.

"Don't move creature!", blared a personnel through his portable voice amplifier. "And whatever you do- please do not do anything stupid and kill us all! We are some innocent children of America- protecting her citizens!"

Mark couldn't help but shiver. His head to toe was throbbing with excitement. He had a feeling that he was torn apart, a feeling that he was pierced with something large and rolled over a barbeque grill. He could smell the burn, more presicely- see the smoke rising. Black and ugly smoke it was, and he was dematerialising- and worst of all- he didn't like it. So he just sat there an closed his eyes shut, ready to say Hi to his oblivion.

"FIRE!", rose the commander's voice over the dense black fumes that billowed from the car.
There was a momentary confusion among the policeforce. Was their commander ordering them to fire their weapons or was he showing his normal freaked-out symptoms when something begins to burn? They really didn't know, but they fired their weapons mercilessly- they loved doing it and some even thought they were born for firing rifles- those who didn't regarded as a necessity. Everytime they did it, they get satiated with ecstacy. More than just ecstacy, it gives them chances to win some attractive prizes- for instance, the man who fired the most number of clips would be honored with some cash- just for the sake of encouragement and entertainment.

Finally the gun shots ceased at the second dictation from the commander. On the third dictation, they crawled towards the tattered car which was perforated with their bullets. Many of them started thinking what's the big shot about this boy? Just a genetically modified furry beast like man with no brain. They were overdoing things! But when they reached the car after what seemed an eternity, they were shocked at what the saw inside the car.

What they saw was... nothing. Searched all around, yet, nothing to be seen at all. And that's what freaked them out.

Imagine: you are scared of spiders. You were bathing in the tub one fine evening when you found this beautiful creation perched peacefully on top of your soap. You search for something to attack it. Finally you got your scrubber and turn back to the soap box to find the spider missing. You'll be freaked out right? Trust me, if are dead scared of spiders, you will be.

Same was the matter with the policeforce, everyone stared blankly at everyone. Nobody spoke a word.
Mark Donoldov was gone.

[Chapter 8]||[Table of Contents]||[Chapter 10]

The Genadron: A Prelude

This blog novel(or blovel) is ©Ajaxtorm (Ajith Antony)
All rights reserved.

Chapter 8 | The Genadron

The Crimeless Alleyway

Inspector Richard was a young and pleasant tec who got mistakenly grouped under the Emergency Recovery Crew in the new Allocation List. Actually the Police Commissioner who was responsible for the preperation of the list was a bit of a druggie and was drugged out of his proper wits during the allocation job. A low dosage of Opium, incisively 2 milligram of the opiate rolled inside a young marijuana leaf- nothing more, nothing less. Everything passed inside within one snort and instanly the Commissioner got conked out. When he woke up he was in a terrible mussiness and the first name he saw, that is Ricard's, was dumped in the E.R.C. This neither cut off his salary nor made his girlfriend think he was not worthy for her love, but Richard's mind collapsed; being a tec was very thrilling and boosted his reputation. An E.R.C. would need more action than brains (that's why his girlfriend liked it) and the craving for a repromotion conquered his mind.

'My decisions are final, if you want to go back to the tec post, prove yourself worthy- now show me you can accomplish this mission....', the words echoed in his mind. The Police Commissioner was making a lame excuse that Richard was not utilising his physical faculties. Now he was teamed up with a mentally accentric police officer named Matthew for chasing a genetically mutated 'Lionboy'. And he didn't have the slightest idea regarding the boy. "Just give him two shots on his big head and retrieve the dead body, you'll get a sure promotion" And that's all he wanted.

Presently Richard was driving about the town with Matthew behind the wheels. Cruising with Matthew was very dangerous, not because he was a rash driver, but his eyes were fixed on the dasboard rather than the road ahead. Currently, he appeared to be searching for something on the dasboard.

Probably an invisible donut.

The alley which Richard had suspected came into view. He would get out here, personally check the alley, run through it and reach the other end while Matthew would drive the car around the block and wait for him at the other end. At least that was what he planned.
"Here! Now stop the car.", said Richard with raw authority.
The cruisier squealed to a stop.
"Affirmative?", asked Richard in a tec style.
"Do you know where I kept my donut?", Matthew was busy scanning the dashboard.
Richard swallowed a parade of swear words and muttered, "Affirmative."


Richard made his way through the pongy alleyway, hastily scanning every nook and corner of it. Usually he wore his firearm, a semiautomatic pistol, in a shoulder holster. But now it was out in his sweaty hands. The musty smell of the surroundings closed on him along with the darkness that blanketed the alleyway. In the shady areas grew small bryophytes and the mossy ground was making him fork over his speed. As an unintended curse escaped his lips, his pedal extremity lost the control and he glided down, crashing on the ground. His hands threshed for a support and his gun flew away from his hand.

Cursing under his breath, Richard got up awkwardly and brushed away the mud from his uniform. He took a step forward and crashed again. He tried to get up but failed.

"Need some help?", came a voice along with an offered hand.

"Thanks.", mumbled Richard as he clinged to the support and raised himself from the ground. He looked at his helper's face.

The truth hit him on his face like a whore who had been given less payoff. Before him stood the towering six-foot body of a half-human half-beast, outstreched hand holding Richard's pistol.

"This might be yours.", said the 'boy' in the tone of a grizzly bear.

"Ye-yes.", Richard managed to give a choked reply. He couldnot swallow his fear. The fact that he has finally caught the boy was numbing his brain every second. It made him feel giddy and the thoughts of escaping this atrocious situation predominated; let alone the thought of shooting him down and arresting the dead-body.

All of a sudden, there was a flash of something like lightning and a distant mechanical whizzing. Richard looked to the other side of the alley and saw a woman running out of the area. Woman? Flash of light? Whizzing? Does this mean that she was trying to capture the whole scene? Was she some reporter trying to take a snap of the scene? He couldn't really answer the questions but something inside him told that the present situation is not going to be good, espescially if the woman was Julia Odins. Julia! That made the entire assemblage of his body hairs stand up.

"Sir, please help me escape- I am of no harm!"

"Huh?", he had forgotten about the boy. Yes, the boy. What about him?... the boy says he wants to escape. The boy says he is safe to handle. He analysed the facts. Okay- this boy was just another scoundrel, like all the scoundrels he had handled before. Yet the boy had forgotten to say something which every rascal would have told him:'I promise you sir, I'll never do any mischief again.'

"I will never be a nuisance again, officer, let me escape!"

Aha! There he was- drifting in through the well cut path of all the rougues of Miami. And he didn't wait for any more pleas. Richard aimed the pistol at the boy's forehead and fired two bullets. Just like he was told. The next moment the bigie-big beast would slump down into a heap of fur and he would walk away to claim his laurels.

But that simply didn't happen.

Instead, the bullets just floated in the midair. Floated! Richard's girlfriend would have fainted if she was shown such a scene, but Richard could hold on- and he held on long enough to see the bullets melting before his eyes. In less than three seconds the two bullets metamorphosed into two big metal drops and fell down on the ground followed by a quenching sound.

Richard looked incredulously at the boy. He gave a weak smile in return. 'Fine. No problems there.'

Richard felt very relieved. Maybe the boy wasn't that inhumane. Maybe he could just say a Sorry, dude and just back off. Maybe he could negotiate for his life. Maybe...

The boy sat down on the mossy ground, his back leaned towards the wall. Taking advantage of the silence, Richard cleared his throat,"See, Mr.Lionman, Let me ask you something..."

"Do you want to retire from this mission?"

"Yes, I never thought it would be this difficult, you know, and I have got a girlfriend- we are going to be married the next week and so kindly..."
"You tried to kill me. Was that kind?", the beast growled.
Richard was thoroughly shaken. Maybe he could talk his way out. "I am extremely sorry for shooting you, really, I was just doing my duty. Orders, you see, from officers above my rank. I had to obey them-"
"-and all I had to do was rip your head off instead of making a total joke about helping me escape. You thought I was really begging you?"
"For a moment, it did occur to me as if you were begging. Previous experiences, you see. Leave that anyway- I'm begging for real."
"... to spare your life?"

"I should say- yes, please.", Richard pleaded earnestly.

"Okay, here's my offer-", the boy muttered, "Run away from me..... before I change my mind."


Matthew pulled up the police cruiser beside the other end of the back street. This alley was unusally odd, not because it was very long, but there were no hangouts of any gangs recorded here. Matthew knew the parameters, of course: 245 yards long, two staircases that led to the right building, none to the left. Almost 30 meters were lined with slippery algal covering reinforced with occasional patches of mosses. The buildings had interposed balconies which made the alley shadowed and dampish. Very strange thing to study for a normal police officer. Well, Matthew was not a normal police officer.

The fact that Matthew had been recruited as an investigator was a big mystery among his teammates, especially due to his obsessive attachment to alleyways. All he wanted was alleyways. For him, alleyways were the birthplaces of gangs and gangs were the seed to a criminal world. Alleyways had the feeling of mayhem in it, alleyways had the spirit of underworld in it- alleyways had said it in his ears: You made me to rock it, baby!

Matthew wanted a special team of policemen to watch over the alleys . He might as well be very happy if he was recruited under a special team of police which he preferred to call 'alley-watchers', and even requested the Police Commissioner for starting one! But no, no one ever payed attention to his slight mental distortions. He was not a real serious mental case, but when he sights a dangerous alleyway, his mind goes barmy.

An obsessive-compulsive personality like Matthew would never prefer to stay inside a parked cruisier, even if his brain was hit with a cudgel. And the presence of the crimeless-alleyway was already prodding his psyche to move along and explore. And when he saw a woman with a camera running away from the alleyway, he could literaly smell the crime in the alleyway.

The smell activated his limbs and sprayed a jet of epinephrin from his adrenal medulla. He forced open the door and stepped out, pulling out his .22 self-loader from the holster strapped around his waist. Even though he didn't have a perfectly sound brain, the immediate idea was not move along or explore. It was: Was that woman Julia Odins? For if she was, they were in a prominent trouble.

Everyone in the department loathed Julia; everyone referred her as 'the hag' or other profane and sexually explicit words. The hag was the 'kindest' form. As far as Matthew was concerned- she was a hot chick, blessed creation of God and an eye-soother. Well, she was indeed a lousy woman who loved poking her huge nose into where it doesnot belong. And wherever she poked her nose, she sowed trouble. According to Matthew's theory, trouble sowed by Odins would mean crime.
Crime in the crimeless-alleyway.

The hero in Matthew was sparked off into action again. He went to the entryway of the alley and peered in. He could see the silhouette of a human figure running towards him, hands outstretched like a mad man caught in a storm. On one hand was a gun. Yes! This must be him- the criminal. Probably trying to fire the gun who ever captured the shot of him doing something nasty.

Matthew unhesitanly did a marvellous shootout. Three out of the ten bullets hit the figure (30% accuracy) and the body crashed down. Matthew gave a triumphant grin and blew the barrel of his gun in a not-so-traditional cowboy style while prowling towards the slack body.

Something squirmed inside him as he scanned the body lying on the alley floor.

Richard was shivering out of shock as he rolled helplessly on the floor.

"Oh! Richie I'm sorry- I did'nt- I did'nt recoganise you!"


"Did you find the beast? Blimey! I thought you were the beast! Now did that hurt too much? I always wanted you dead anyway."
There was an angry grunt.
"Tell Jasmine... I really love her..."
There was a pause.
"Why do you have to tell her? I mean you both had a pretty good time loving each other right? So what's the-"

Matthew paused as he heard a snarl. He lifted his head in the right time to spot a lion like man approaching him.

"Uh-oh! Looks like I've got to save my ass, Richie! I'm sorry- never thought things would end up like this.", Matthew sprang up and ran with all his might as Mark approached the body lying down on the bloody ground, uttering words in a delirium.

"Wait for a few seconds, officer, I'll save you!", said the beast, "You can't marry your girlfreind in a cemetry!"

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The Genadron: A Prelude

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Chapter 7 | The Genadron

The Rise of a Lion

The door to the stairway was opened by a Ninja who studied Bob like how a scientist would do to a lab mouse suffering from a new disease which they failed to identify. But Bob didn't care for the source of dishonour, neither did he waste his time in flaunting his new authority. He had a bigger mouse to study now. A bigger mouse that will accomplish the mission assigned to him and make him a Lycanthrope hero among the werewolves. Bob couldn't just imagine all the werewolves bowing before him addressing him as Loup-Garous Lupinus the Fifteenth or Balwezr McLupera the Twentieth. He would be back in the magical world which the werewolves called 'Lost Homeland' and would be resting on a couch with young and flirtatious female Artic werewolves on either side of him cuddling him the way he liked.

The thoughts were very relieving. And quite tempting. Better than having a royal human flesh after starving a week. Being awarded with a chance to feast upon the body of King Donoldov's descendant was unbelievable- and the fact that he had been granted to rip the Donoldov spirit from the last member of the Royal lineage made him forgive every atrocity that Bruce had commited. That's a noble werewolf- adoring the person who loves you.


Bruce stepped on the stairway and beckoned the 'apparently-drowned-in-thoughts' Bob to follow him. The watchful Ninja followed them inside but instead of warding Bruce he locked the door and stood there casting an indifferent and lingering glance at Bob, gripping his Kalashnikov sub machine gun close to his chest.

"Don't be afraid, you won't be harmed in anyway. I assure you.", said Bruce de Rousseau, flashing the best of his smile he had stashed in his deception arsenal a long time ago. He loved to lure enemies into his lionpit using his wide smile and watch a duel show like the ancient Roman kings. The only difference would be that the kings ate royal caterings and drank wine. But Bruce ate Majesty popcorn and drank Coca Cola. Three years before he had underwent a liver replacement therapy, so he was advised to drink only cola for an year or so. Unlike how he had thought, Bruce felt the taste of cola better than alcohol and decided to stick to it. Now the main concern was not cola or rum, the only thing Bruce wanted was Mark. Mark Donoldov, son of Dr. Daniel Donoldov. When the Mark's lion spirit gets ripped away, the boy is as safe as his own son- or maybe safer than his son! (Yes, the Underworld King was married- he had a son and a daughter.)

Though Bruce had capured 'Mark Donoldov' a long time ago, he realised that he didn't have the actual Mark with him, instead he had the basic physical furball of a creature that was created by Mark's father using his delusory experiments. But just like his father's plans, the secrets hidden in him got locked from the world outside using the modified genome that was used to create the monster. And the truth remained hidden, until Bruce killed Dr.DD. In fact from the day Bruce had slain Dr.DD, things began to change. Mark's body and character was changing very rapidly until he looked like a blood loving monster capable of munching any Ninja coming close enough like how a hungry man would eat french fries. Bruce wondered why these things had to happen and later found the answer in one of Dr. Daniel's personal diaries.

The experiment which Dr.Donoldov conducted was not an experiment all. Rather, it was an invalid modification of some exotic genes present in the boy so that he may lose the human identity and become something else so that people who hunt for his spirit would be discouraged. Bruce felt this diary entry rather like a fantasy tale- more unbelievable than the cooked up stories of Julia Odins. But why would a serious biotechnologist write all this fiction, it seemed rather very impractical idea. Later as Bruce researched with the personal books of Dr. Donoldov, things seemed to shape up infront of him: a place called Genadron, weary and bloody battles, werewolves, vampires, mythical creatures, monsters- everything seemed interconnected and real. Finally he found the correct book that made him understand what he wanted.

The only thing he wanted was Mark's spirit seperated from his body. The only way to get him was using a spirit ripper, and as he researched on spirit rippers he stumbled on some old werewolf tale. The tale mentioned about a King named Donoldov who banished them from the world of Genadron, their constant search for a path to return and about a ring adverted as 'The ring of Balwezr ' which had the capability of ripping the spirit of a Donoldov family in order to gain the entry into their Lost Homeland.

Presently, the owner of the ring was Bob, and the very feeling that he had all the raw materials required for his plan, Bruce had a storming ambience in his brain.

The plan was rather simple. He had convinced Bob that all he wanted was the flesh of this beast, just some cells to extract his genome and create some villians in the Underworld. Bob may take the boy's spirit with him. That was the deal. But plans were more than just a simple 'barter-system'-ish deal. The spirit ,after it gets stored in the ring he would kill Bob and take the ring from him. And Bob being starved for seven days and fed with the rotting corpse of Dr. Donoldov, wouldn't attack him because he has no access to his powers. Simple and perfect.

They stepped into a cage like room. Bruce said a quick good-bye and locked the door. He clambered up a marble seat where he was served with Coke and Popcorn by a lady Ninja. He nodded apprehensively at Bob and motioned him to go ahead. "Just one humble request- I need that boy alive, if possible."

Bob gave a nod in return and entered the core region of the cage.Very smelly, thought Bob. He had never smelt such a carnivourous stench in his life, not even from the mouldering mouth of a grubby werewolf. All he wanted was to get the dirty man's spirit and get his butt off this place. A finger carelessly twirled the ring on his index finger- things were getting charged up and he simply couldn't wait.

The attack came from the left. Bob was knocked down and pinned steady to the ground. Though the first action he would do according to instinct was a counter-attack, he realised that he had no power to do so. The wretched man had not fed him well- and he was totally unarmed. And the power of the Guardian moon sinking above him made him feel as if he was naked! The beast roared and raised his head, jaws wide, revealing the best fangs Bob had ever seen. He reached for the ring and hit the monster's head. He intoned the chant of spirit ripper and his ring lighted up. Finally, everything was under control, just like it should be.

The beast froze for a moment and gasped. A white puff of some simmering liquid sifted through the painful black eyes. It moved to towards the ring and spiralled its way into it. The tip of the spiral touched the ring and stopped.

Bob howled in agony. He could not bear the pain it gave him. His chest heaved and his hands got thrown back, his ring recoiled like a light rifle and his fingers hit the floor with a cracking sound. "What's wrong?", he muttered and watched the beast rolling aside. The lion like monster crashed and lay there stiff with no expression.

Bruce came forward now. He was clicking his tongue in a vague commiseration and that reminded Bob of an Amazonian worm eating lizard. "So the big monster is down, isn't he? I never imagined it would be this fast!"

Bob couldn't really tell. He had completely forgotten that he was starving for a week and had no lupine powers active enough to rip the boy's spirit. Maybe the spirit was not ripped at all. Bob checked the Lionboy who was lying on the ground, motionless like a large stone. Was it a make-believe drama? He really couldn't tell.

"There you are- you're scream could have woke up my daughter from her deepest of all sleeps.", Bruce patted his shoulder before inching his way to the lionboy.
"Really, was I that bad?"
The mobile in Bruce's pocket beeped. He took it out and with a satisfied smile showed it to Bob,"See the Twitter update, she is up! You know, I follow my daughter using all the social networking sites so that I can get some idea in whose bed she might be. I then plant my Ninjas around without their masks- she hates them following everywhere she went!"

"Sir, I think there is a problem.", started Bob.
Bruce began to type the words, 'Good Morning' in his mobile phone as he walked with immense happiness. On the spur of the moment, Mark Donoldov, the Lionboy, sprang to his feet and lunged forwards. He held Bruce by his neck and yanked him up like a ragdoll. Bruce revolted and the Ninjas came for help. The answer was obvious- there was no much change in Mark's decision, whoever tries to interfere. The Ninjas started their gunfires but soon had to cease it because it didn't harm the creature, but it did succeed in harming their master(and Bob too). Bruce roared louder than Mark had done in his life.

Just as if it was the right time to do it- Mark let a row of long nails slip out from his fingers. He swiped his monstrous claws once and the entire aggregation of Bruce's intestines slewed out of his stomach. Bruce screamed horrendously and tried to catch hold of the slippery mass that leaked from his stomach but the long coiling intestine just slithered its way out of his hands.

Bob's brain had thought of nauseating straightaway, but Bob wouldn't let it relay that message to his gut. Bob was a certified werewolf- he should be stronger at heart. The scene was really sick- especially in the daylight, things could be seen more vividly than at night. Moreover, the bullet that had drilled into his hand was hurting terrribly.

This problem of nauseating at the sight of intestines were a problem among only one family of carnivores- the werewolves. Mainly because they have a normal human tolerance during the daylight and they don't remember the vicims' intestine they had eaten before. They were nocturnal and the visibility would be considerably low at night. In fact, most of the werewolves close their eyes before eating the intestine. It just looks really gross!

Finally, Mark put the dead Bruce down and gave a sharp glance at the Ninjas, who- at the demise of their master and authority, fled. He then looked at Bob who looked brave enough to die. He moved closer and caught the latter's arm.

Bob felt pain tear its way through his arm as Mark used his long claw to pry out the bullet stuck in his arm. After that, Mark made a small incision in his own palm and let the blood tricle into his wound. Quite unbelievably, the wound healed. Bob was speechless. A moment before, this boy was a monster enjoying the scene of Bruce trying to grab his own intestine and now he was helping Bob recover from the wound.

That was Mark. He was never cruel to anyone. Neither he was a monster at heart. He was an able and a just boy who loved the mankind who were never sympathetic to his state. Naturally, he would have forgiven Bruce for captivating him and for being rude for years.... but it was not the cruelty in Bruce that led Mark to kill him- it was because Bruce seperated from him the only human who loved him..... his father.

As Mark made his way out of the cage, he placed his hand on the tattoo at the bicep and cried for help, like the way his father had advised him years ago.

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The Genadron: A Prelude

This blog novel(or blovel) is ©Ajaxtorm (Ajith Antony)
All rights reserved.